Nursing team designs ‘transitioning website’ for young patients

A nurse-led project at a specialist heart hospital is pioneering an innovative website for young adults transitioning from children’s services.

The bespoke website has been launched for young people looking to move from paediatric hospital services to adult care at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge.

The website, called The Move, has been developed over the last year with the help of patients.

It offers bitesize information and videos on all important areas and questions that young patients and their families need to know in preparation for their transition to the cardiothoracic hospital.

The trust said it had been well received by patients and clinicians around the country and claimed other hospitals were looking to create similar websites.

Karen Henderson, an immunology nurse specialist, led the project. She said: “I felt we needed a dedicated website where young people could go when they are preparing to move to us so that they can access basic information in their own time.

“Moving from paediatric services to adult services can be daunting so we wanted to give young people as much essential information as possible in one place,” she said.

The website complements existing transitioning clinics held in paediatric hospitals with patients and their families, which prepare young people for the move to adult services.

Ms Henderson added: “The Move website is an extra resource for young people. It allows them to view video interviews featuring young patients talking about their experiences of moving to Papworth Hospital along with videos of the clinical teams they will meet so that it is less daunting when they arrive.

“This is an invaluable way of keeping young people up to date with transition services,” she said.


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